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Disposable Patient Exam Gowns (50-Pack) - Comfort & Safety

Disposable Patient Exam Gowns (50-Pack) - Comfort & Safety

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Our Disposable Patient Exam Gowns offer comfort and modesty for patients during medical examinations. Available in a 50-pack, these gowns are designed for one-time use, ensuring hygiene and convenience. Made from soft, breathable material, they provide both privacy and ease of wear, making them ideal for various medical settings. Embrace patient comfort and protection with every use.

  • PROTECTIVE & SECURE - Our Deluxe blue exam gowns are protective and secure. Each adult medical gown has a belt to ensure a secure and adjustable fit for all patients, offering protective cover from the neck to the knee for a high level of privacy.

  • COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE - Designed for patient comfort, our durable unisex medical exam gowns are soft and breathable to keep your patients cool and strong for extended wear. The knee-length design provides increased coverage for modesty and all-day protection.

  • FLUID RESISTANT SMS MATERIAL - Our non-woven medical exam gowns are the ideal lightweight and fluid resistant protective apparel - made from premium quality SMS (spunbond meltblown spunbond), that don't absorb water or fluid. They're also latex-free - suitable for most patients.

  • OPEN-BACK DESIGN - Patients can wear these single-use robes as open-front or open-back gowns for practicality in examinations. They're easy to take off and put on, making them even more convenient for patient use and protection. Use them with isolation gowns, exam shorts, medical masks, and other medical supplies for increased protection.

  • 50 PCS DISPOSABLE EXAM GOWNS - This pack of our Deluxe Exam Gowns contains 50 individual, single-use short-sleeved medical gowns. Made in the USA, Genesis Disposables, high-quality disposable hospital and medical garments enhance the patient care experience.
All Gowns Include 1 1/2" Belts
Special Sizes Available Upon Request

DG09S - 36"X54"
DG11S - 40"X55"
DG13S - 43"X55"
DG13SXL - 46"X58"
DG14S - 45"X70"
DG4260S - 42"X60"
DG4395 - 43"X95"
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